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FIXati is an advanced copy trading platform that simplifies the process of profiting from cryptocurrency markets.

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Our Story

We are a team that recognizes the immense potential of cryptocurrency markets. That's why we created FIXati. It is a platform for individuals captivated by cryptocurrency trading—a platform for traders and investors who want to optimize their trading performance. It is a community of like-minded individuals striving to improve and capitalize on the emerging financial product of copy trading. We firmly believe in conducting trustworthy, accurate, and transparent operations.

Join us and become an integral part of the FIXati journey.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We aim to foster a collaborative community of investors and crypto traders who can benefit from our platform.

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Our Values

Our success is based not only on our hard work; it's down to our vision, culture and quality approach.

What we do
  • We build FIXati to use it ourselves every day
  • We invest our own money into the project
  • We treasure our customers and trustworthy relations
  • We strive to exceed expectations
  • We gather up a dedicated in-house team
What we don't do
  • We don't build a product to fit into booming market
  • We don't plan ICO or tokensale
  • We don't deny support to free users
  • We don't sacrifice quality for profit
  • We don't outsource
Leadership Team

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