Crypto Trading Bot

A crypto bot (aka bot, trading robot, automatic trading etc) is a special program that places orders on the exchange on behalf of the user. Bots are build on algorithms that analyze various indicators and recognize optimal market entry points.

How It Works

Crypto Bots on FIXati

On FIXati crypto bot trades are used by traders as a part of their strategies. You can learn which bot is used from the strategy name or strategy description.

Even the best crypto bots are just a set of algorithms, which means that in the hands of a newcomer they are likely to bring losses instead of profits. You can avoid this as well as all the related work – bot set up and fine tuning, market monitoring, risk management – by delegating all this to a verified experienced trader. Just choose a trader strategy based on a crypto bot and start copying it!

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Data Protection

Safeguarding Your Funds

Rest assured that the funds in your exchange account are always safe. It is technically impossible for us or any other FIXati user to access your funds.

FIXati adheres to strict security rules. Each trader is required to pass an identity check, and each strategy must undergo a thorough moderation. Our moderators are constantly monitoring trading activity to provide an extra layer of security. User data is securely stored and API keys connected to the platform are encrypted.

In addition, we provide a reliable history of strategy signals and present strategies with multiple parameters such as risk level, profit per period, drawdowns and more. This allows you to evaluate the reliability of strategies on your own terms.

Knowledge Base

FIXati allows traders to include cryptobots in their trading strategies. However, we do not provide the ability to create bots within the platform itself. Traders integrate their third party bots into the FIXati platform.

You can explore different bot strategies on the strategies list page. Currently, they are identified mainly by the name "Bot".

Traders on FIXati have the freedom to select trading bots based on their personal preferences. There are no strict rules regarding which bots to use. For more information about a specific case, you can refer to the strategy description.

Absolutely! There are no rigid criteria or restrictions when it comes to adding bots. You have the freedom to use any bot of your choice. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the number of bots that can be added to your trading portfolio. Feel free to leverage the power of crypto trading bots to enhance your trading strategy on FIXati.

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