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How It Works

Copy Trading on FIXati

Copy trading is a service provided by FIXati that enables users, known as investors, to replicate a trader's trades and automatically execute them. This process is facilitated through the use of strategies.

A strategy refers to a comprehensive set of information pertaining to a trader's trades, including trading pairs, trading history, profitability, risk level, frequency of trading specific coins, and more. Traders create these strategies, while investors on FIXati have the option to subscribe to them.

To initiate copy trading, you must first create an account on the FIXati exchange, deposit funds into your account, and select a strategy created by a trader that you wish to follow. By subscribing to the chosen strategy, you will mirror the trader's trading activity and have the potential to achieve similar trading profits.

Data Protection

Safeguarding Your Funds

Rest assured that the funds in your exchange account are always safe. It is technically impossible for us or any other FIXati user to access your funds.

FIXati adheres to strict security rules. Each trader is required to pass an identity check, and each strategy must undergo a thorough moderation. Our moderators are constantly monitoring trading activity to provide an extra layer of security. User data is securely stored and API keys connected to the platform are encrypted.

In addition, we provide a reliable history of strategy signals and present strategies with multiple parameters such as risk level, profit per period, drawdowns and more. This allows you to evaluate the reliability of strategies on your own terms.

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Tailored Solutions for Investors

Trade Copying Tools

Access up-to-date information on all your funds across connected strategies in FIXati.

Take control of your copy trading profits and trading status. Customize your copy trading options and manage the process according to your preferences.

Connect to different strategies to increase your profits and reduce risks.

Enhance successful trade copying by aligning the coin distribution structure in your portfolio with the structure of the strategy. (available upon request)

Blacklist unwanted coins to avoid copying related orders and utilize the stop loss feature to mitigate risks. (available upon request)

Subscribe to the strategy and start seeing the initial results right away.

Subscribe to strategies at a fair price based on your exchange balance.
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Knowledge Base

Copy trading involves following and replicating the trades of successful traders. It offers a unique opportunity for inexperienced traders to benefit from the expertise of professional traders. By simply copying the trades of experts, novice traders can increase their chances of success in the cryptocurrency market and potentially earn additional profits.

The crypto copy trading process is simple: trades made by the trader of your choice are reflected and automatically posted to your FIXati exchange account in real time. To start copy trading, all you need to do is fund FIXati balance and connect to the strategy. This integration allows you to easily copy the trades of your chosen trader and participate in the market with ease.

The amount required for the service is determined by the minimum balance on your exchange account required to subscribe to the strategy.
Each strategy determines the minimum balance required to subscribe to your FIXati account. You can find this information on the strategy overview page. Thus, this amount may be the only necessary funding to start copy trading.

Yes, you have the option to partially use the balance on the FIXati account. Thus, you can effectively manage the amounts and allocate them for different trading strategies.

Absolutely. Let's say a trader initiates an order that accounts for 25% of their portfolio. In this case, the order will be replicated proportionally on the investor's account, meaning it will be executed for 25% of their connected account. This ensures a proportional replication of trades between the trader and investor accounts.

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