Risk Statement

FIXATI provides the software. FIXATI does not offer financial, investment, legal, tax, or any other professional advice. FIXATI is not a broker, financial advisor, investment advisor, portfolio manager, or tax advisor. FIXATI is not subject to the same requirements as national securities exchanges or alternative trading systems, financial institutions, or investment firms.
Engaging in holding or purchasing digital assets, which may include cryptocurrency, digital tokens, digital coins, altcoins, digital assets, tokens, or other blockchain-based assets ("Assets"), creating, sharing, and discovering intentions to exchange Assets ("Orders"), copying any trading strategies or trading signals, and using the FIXATI Software carries significant risks and the potential for financial losses, including but not limited to the following:
The market for Assets is still new and uncertain. It is essential to only invest funds in Assets or speculate in Assets that you are prepared to lose entirely. The movement of the market for one or more Assets, as well as the possibility of a particular Asset losing all or substantially all of its value, is unknown.
The features and properties of any Assets and the underlying technology used for administering, creating, issuing, transferring, canceling, using, or transacting in Assets may be complex, technical, or challenging to understand or evaluate.
Assets and their underlying technology may be susceptible to security, integrity, or operational attacks.
Trading Platforms, which include cryptoexchanges, may be vulnerable to attacks, including phishing attacks. Such platforms may cease to operate as expected due to various reasons, including attacks, enforcement and regulatory activities, scamming activities, technical and communication issues.
Traders or signal providers may engage in scamming or fraudulent actions, and their strategies or trade signals may be misleading, incorrect, or fraudulent.
Assets, their features, or underlying technology may undergo changes or cease to operate as expected due to technological, functional, or attack-related changes, including forks or rollbacks of the Asset or blockchain.
Assets can be subject to cancellation, loss, or double-spending. They may also experience a significant loss in value due to forks, rollbacks, attacks, functional changes, or failures to operate as intended.
The legal status of some Assets may be uncertain, which can affect the legality of holding or trading them. It is your responsibility to understand the regulations and tax implications associated with Assets in specific jurisdictions.
The information displayed through the software is directly retrieved from specified Trading Platforms, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Exmo, Hitbtc, Bybit, and is not collected, compiled, modified, or processed by the software, including its user interface utility. The displayed price charts for Assets are based on data from corresponding Trading Platforms and are generated and updated by third parties. It is not advisable to rely solely on the displayed information.
The information available on the software, including charts, may not always be accurate, reliable, or suitable for your individual needs.

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