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At Fixati, our copy trading platform is designed to empower traders to leverage their crypto trading expertise and optimize their earnings. Whether you already have a thriving community or are looking to grow your network, we offer opportunities for traders at all stages to thrive and achieve their financial goals.

How Our Service Operates

Our service is designed to offer a wide range of individuals (investors) the opportunity to replicate the trades of experienced traders. At FIXati, this process is facilitated through the use of strategies.

A strategy represents a comprehensive entity that encompasses various information such as trading pairs, trading history, profitability, risk level, trading frequency of specific coins, and more. Traders create strategies by linking their exchange account API key to FIXati. Once established, the strategy becomes available for investors to copy.

Trades are copied automatically via FIXati.

Select a Strategy Access Type

Available to Public

Ideal for traders looking to expand their audience by attracting users from our platform.

The public access type is the most common strategy option on FIXati. Strategies of this type are listed based on their ranking and progress, making them visible to all users and easily available for subscription without any restrictions.

By default, this type of access is available to all traders directly through the platform interface.


Ideal for traders who prefer to keep their strategy private and avoid drawing attention.

Hidden strategies are not publicly displayed on the list of strategies accessible to all users. Instead, they are exclusively available through a direct link.


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How Traders Generate Earnings on FIXati

Traders on FIXati earn with % of the profit that they have earned with the funds of users connected to their strategy. FIXati charges a rate commission on profits made by traders.

Distribution of % profit. For example, you earned 30% of $100 on a position, this is $30, this profit is distributed between you - 40% (trader), 50% user (who was connected to your strategy at the time of the transaction), and 10 % service.

Easy to Start Copy Trading

As simple as 2×2

Start earning just in 3 simple steps

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Connect your exchange account API key
Verify your account and create a strategy
Trade on the exchange and get profits

Solutions tailored for traders

Instruments and offerings

Entice new followers by allowing them to try out your strategy with a minimal initial investment.

Configure customized alerts to receive instant Telegram notifications when specific conditions are met.

Access arbitrage trading data from various exchanges to identify trades with the greatest price differences.

Gain diverse insights into the cryptocurrency market through our analytical dashboards, including Twitter Analytics, Fear & Greed Index, BTC Social Volume, and more.

Execute trades across multiple exchanges using a single interface.

Enable alignment of subscribers' portfolios with your own trades. Update your portfolio to offer your followers a seamless copy trading experience.
Instruments and offerings

Knowledge Base

To get started on FIXati, simply create an account and complete the verification process. Then, connect your exchange account to the platform and proceed to add a trading strategy. By following these simple steps, you'll be ready to make use of FIXati as a trader.

Absolutely. Rest assured that neither we nor any other FIXati user can gain access to your exchange account funds. We never request permission for funds withdrawal. Furthermore, if by chance you have inadvertently enabled this API key setting, we will simply be unable to connect your exchange account to FIXati. Your account security is our top priority.

Once you create a strategy and it successfully passes the initial moderation process, it will be available for other users to connect to. Income from a portion of users' profits will be credited to your FIXati balance.
Distribution of % profit. For example, you earned 30% of $100 on a position, this is $30, this profit is distributed between you - 40% (trader), 50% user (who was connected to your strategy at the time of the transaction), and 10% service.
In terms of charting, you can usually start making profits within 1-2 weeks of creating a strategy. The exact time frame may vary depending on factors such as market conditions, profitability, and the popularity of your strategy among FIXati users.

Our knowledge base is a valuable resource that provides extensive information for traders. You can access a wealth of useful content there. For the most current and up-to-date information, we recommend reaching out to us via email at [email protected]. Our support team will be happy to assist you with any specific inquiries or provide further guidance.

To enable your audience to copy your strategy on FIXati, you can encourage them to create accounts on the platform and subscribe to your strategy.
Alternatively, if you prefer to create a hidden or trusted strategy, please reach out to us at [email protected] for further assistance and guidance on these options.

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